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Fundamentals of Ceramics

Beginning Fundamentals of Ceramics

If you’ve always wanted to give ceramics a try, this class is for you! With the whole class working on the same project simultaneously, this format ensures a lot of instructor attention to make sure your projects are a success. Each project builds new skills and by the end of the session, each student will have made and glazed several hand-built pieces of pottery to take home. All supplies are included in the course fee. Come join the fun!
4/17–5/22 4:30–6:30pm 6wks W MCHS M3 13159 $149 HAJOSY
4/17–5/22 6:30–8:30pm 6wks W MCHS M3 13160 $149 HAJOSY

Intermediate Fundamentals of Ceramics

Continue exploring the wonderful world of ceramics through construction, decoration and glazing techniques. In this fastpaced class, instruction will be given for various pottery pieces using a variety of techniques. All supplies are included in the class fee. Come join the fun!
Pre-Requisite: Basic experience, such as our beginning Ceramics course or a high school Ceramics class.
4/15–5/20 4:00–6:30pm 6wks M PHS N3102 13018 $169 BOURDETTE
4/15–5/20 6:30–9:00pm 6wks M PHS N3102 13052 $169 AZEKA
4/17–5/29 4:00–6:30pm 7wks W PHS N3102 13019 $179 BOURDETTE
4/17–5/29 6:30–9:00pm 7wks W PHS N3102 13053 $179 AZEKA

Advanced Fundamentals of Ceramics

This ceramics studio is time for you to work on your projects. Each week, a new advanced technique will be demonstrated to inspire you to increase your skills in construction and surface decoration techniques. Wheel throwers and hand builders welcome. All supplies are included in the course fee. Come and grow your creativity!
Pre-Requisite: Intermediate ceramics
4/16–5/28 4:30–7:00pm 7wks T MCHS M3 13054 $179 AZEKA
4/18–5/30 6:30–9:00pm 7wks Th MCHS M3 13055 $179 AZEKA

Wheel Throwing

Would you like to learn the art of creating ceramic pieces on the potter’s wheel? This class will focus on the fundamental skills of wheel throwing and trimming. Students of all skill levels on the wheel are welcome
from beginner to advanced. You supply the hands, we supply the clay and wheels!
Pre-Requisite: Beginning Ceramics or previous ceramics experience is required.
4/16–5/28 7:00–9:00pm 7wks T MCHS M3 13050 $159 AZEKA
4/18–5/30 4:30–6:30pm 7wks Th MCHS M3 13051 $159 AZEKA


Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is Qi (physical and spiritual energy) made visible. Join us and explore this abstract art based on HanZi (Chinese characters). Let the brush strokes help you to unleash your creativity. You will also learn how to pronounce the different characters and speak some simple sentences by the end of the class. Supplies are included in the class fee. 
4/18–5/9 6:00–8:00pm 4wks Th ABX 20 13057 $89 NG

Craft Arts

Decorative Basket Weaving

Decorative Basket Weaving Introduction

Have you ever wanted to weave a basket, but you just don’t know where to get started? Great news, an introduction to paperband basket weaving is the perfect choice for you! No experience is necessary. Simple as that! This class is ideal for designers, artisans, or anyone interested in basketry crafts. All supplies are included in the class fee.

Herringbone Bag

You’ve taken our Decorative Basket Weaving class and want to try some specialty bags. This herringbone-patterned basket looks clean and classic no matter what’s inside. All supplies are included in the class fee.
Pre-Requisite: Decorative Basket Weaving Introduction Class
4/18–4/25 5:30–8:30pm 2wks Th PAS 213 13010 $75 TIONGSON

Vertical Weave Bag

This vertical weave bag is a larger bag that can be used to carry all sorts of items. Use it as a tote or school bag, or take it to the beach with your favorite book. All supplies are included in the class fee.
Pre-Requisite: Decorative Basket Weaving Introduction Class
5/4–5/11 9:00am–12:00pm 2wks Sat PAS 213 13013 $75 TIONGSON

Bread Basket

This long and narrow basket is perfect for your slices of bread on your dinner table. All supplies are included in the class fee. Pre-Requisite: Decorative Basket Weaving Introduction Class
5/18 9:00am–12:00pm 1day Sat PAS 213 13015 $55 TIONGSON 

Resin Art

Resin Open Studio

For students with prior resin experience, this is an opportunity to work on projects of your choosing under the guidance of an expert. Some advanced techniques will be shown for inspiration, but most of the class time is for student exploration. All supplies are included in the class fees.

4/16–4/30 7:30–9:00pm  3wks T ABX 18 12968 $75 POWELL

Resin Art Serving Trays

In this one day workshop we’ll go over the basics of how to use resin and then use our skills to create a decorative serving tray. You can choose from different themes like resin geodes, or holiday colors to make this
unique usable art. All supplies are included in class fee.

4/17 6:00–8:00pm 1day W ABX 18 12923 $65 POWELL
5/28 6:00–8:00pm 1day T ABX 18 12997 $65 POWELL

Ocean Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards with an ocean wave on them are all the rage these days. Learn how to use resin and decorate the edge of a cutting board to make this unique piece of usable art. All supplies are included in the
class fee.

4/22–4/29 6:00–8:00pm 2wks M ABX 18 12924 $85 POWELL

Surf & Resin

Creating California Coastline on a Board
Learn the techniques of resin art while making beautiful wall art. In this one-day workshop, you will learn all the basics of how to use resin. Then you will demonstrate your skills by applying a beach wave effect onto a cut out of the state of California. No prior resin experience is required. All
supplies are included, however, you must bring a container to take your art home. More details will be emailed before class. 

5/1 6:00–8:30pm 1day W ABX 18 12998 $69 POWELL
5/29 6:00–8:30pm 1day W ABX 18 12999 $69 POWELL

Drawing and Painting

Acrylic Painting

This fun and relaxing class is designed with a goal - you painting! Whether you’re a beginning student or a continuing painter, this class will offer an opportunity for you to explore the potential of this wonderful material. Acrylics can be used like watercolors or like oils, but you’ll also explore techniques unique to this medium. You may work on your own art, as well as on class projects. Continuing students are welcome. See our website for supply information.
4/16–5/28 6:00–9:00pm 7wks T PAS 501 13020 $169 LESBERG
4/17–5/29 10:00am–1:00pm 7wks W PAS 501 13021 $169 LESBERG
4/17–5/29 2:00–5:00pm 7wks W PAS 501 13022 $169 LESBERG
4/17–5/29 6:00–9:00pm 7wks W PAS 501 13023 $169 LESBERG
4/18–5/30 10:00am–1:00pm 7wks Th PAS 501 13024 $169 LESBERG

Acrylic Painting - Black Gesso and Beyond

Black gesso, as well as white gesso, can really make your colors sing. You’ll incorporate some interesting masking, stenciling, and painting techniques into a totally new, possibly more abstract, creation. As always, there will be time to work on your own projects. Beginning as well as continuing students are welcome. See our website for supply information. 

Acrylic Pouring

The acrylic pouring technique has created some truly awesome pieces of art. The acrylic paints react with each other when combined together to make interesting and visually organic motifs. Between the vibrant, complex color combinations and the dreamy, flowing patterns, artwork created through acrylic pouring can look absolutely stunning. Though these pieces seem intense and challenging, they’re actually easy and fun to create. Some supplies are included in the class fee See our website for supply information under the Student tab and drop down to the Supply List tab.
4/16–4/30 5:30–7:30pm 3wks T ABX 18 12964 $95 POWELL

Animal Portraits in Colored Pencil

Combine your love of art and your love for animals all in one class! Learn how to take great reference photos and then be guided through the process of drawing your animal portrait. You also learn to build up layers of colored pencil so that the final drawing resembles a painting. All supplies are included in the class fee. 
4/15–5/20 6:00–8:00pm 6wks M PAS 502 13103 $159 HENRY

Digital Painting on an iPad with Procreate

Learn to use the app Procreate to create beautiful digital illustrations that can then be turned into prints, stickers, and more. Procreate is an incredibly robust digital paint program that will amaze you with its capabilities. You’ll learn how to use all of the features that make this such a popular app for illustrators and artists. Procreate is only offered on an Apple platform, so other tablets will not work for this class. NOTE: You must bring an Apple iPad and an Apple Pencil to class. You will need to purchase the Procreate App at a cost to you of $12.99.
4/23–5/28 6:00–8:00pm 6wks T PAS 213 13105 $109 HENRY

Drawing Fundamentals

Beyond Beginning

Learn classical drawing techniques that will help you draw and paint more realistically than ever before. Develop a strong understanding of how to portray light and shadow over form so that what you draw looks real. This class will teach you the basics of working in charcoal and help you find ways to incorporate art and creativity into your daily practice. The skills and techniques that you learn along the way will improve your drawing, regardless of the subject or medium that you like to work in. All supplies are included in the class fee.
4/20–6/1 10:00am–12:00pm 6wks Sat PAS 501 13106 $119 HENRY

Oil Painting


Oil painting transports you to another world, helps you de-stress, and gives you confidence while simultaneously being meditative. We will create three beautiful paintings in this fun class. This is a beginner class, but all levels of students are welcome. Most supplies are included in the class fee. See our website for supply information.


Let’s celebrate Spring by creating oil paintings of colorful blossoms. Learn through demonstrations and personal instruction. All levels are welcome. No turpentine is used in this class. All supplies included, just bring an apron and rags. 

4/15–5/20 6:00–9:00pm 6wks M PAS 501 13017 $169 HAWES


We’re going to create beautiful and dynamic paintings with elements of sky, land and water. We’ll compose panoramic paintings through the use of color and simple perspective. All levels are welcome. No turpentine is used in this class. All supplies are included, just bring an apron and rags.
4/15–5/20 9:00am–12:00pm 6wks M PAS 501 13016 $169 HAWES

Studio Time 

Do you wish you had the space, time and supplies needed to just paint? Then this class is for you. Personal instruction if you desire, will be available to help you get your work done. Bring in your blank canvases or unfinished paintings. Paint and brushes will be provided. No turpentine is used in this class. All levels are welcome.  


Beginning Florals

Unlock your creativity in our watercolor class as we delve into the art of floral painting. Immerse yourself in vibrant colors and delicate brushstrokes to bring flowers to life on paper. Join us in cultivating your skills, and your masterpiece could be showcased at the County Fair 2024 in Del Mar! Embrace the opportunity to share your artistic expression with the community. Most supplies are included in the class fee. See our website for supply information, scroll down and click on the blue Art Supply List Box.
4/15–5/20 12:30–3:30pm 6wks M PAS 501 12935 $169 LUO

Adventures in Landscape

Your world, your imagination, your scenery. In this class, you will learn to paint the features found in watercolor landscapes: clouds, mountains, and tree forests. Learn several tips and techniques including transparency, brush strokes and color combinations. Some supplies are included in the class fee. 
4/18–5/23 6:00–9:00pm 6wks Th ABX 18 13176 $169 TOVEY


Join us as we play with color, composition, glazing, and watercolor techniques. You will finish this class with a broader knowledge of how to create a lovely watercolor painting. Learn new techniques, improve and refresh existing skills and develop a personal direction in your work. Most supplies are provided. See our website for
supply information, scroll down and click on the blue Art Supply List Box.
Pre-Requisite: Watercolor 1 or similar experience with drawing and painting techniques.

4/16–5/21 12:30–3:30pm 6wks T PAS 501 12934 $199 LUO

Fiber Arts



Learn four basic stitches, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet, which are the foundation of everything else in crochet. Your instructor will bring hooks and yarn to get you started, or you can bring your own. Further supplies will be discussed the first day of class. No prior knowledge of crocheting is necessary. 
Recommended Textbook: Crochet Techniques & Tips, ISBN- 10:1450882560
4/17–5/15 7:30–9:00pm 5wks W ABX 6 13006 $75 PANTFOERDER
4/18–5/23 (no class 5/16) 1:00–2:30pm 5wks Th PAS 502 13087 $75 BLACK

Beyond Basics

Now that you’re familiar with the four basic crochet stitches, we’ll learn how to read a pattern and expand your knowledge, e.g. how to do corner-to-corner crochet. Please bring any yarn you like or project you need help with.  
4/22–5/20 7:30–9:00pm 5wks M ABX 6 13008 $75 PANTFOERDER

Spring Projects

Spring and Easter are almost here. Let’s make some decorations such as Easter eggs, bunnies, chickens, and more. Bring yarn and a matching hook. Pre-Requisite: Basic crochet skills and knowledge of the four Basic Stitches.  
5/22–5/29 7:30–9:00pm 2wks W ABX 6 13158 $49 PANTFOERDER



This class is designed for anyone who has never picked up a pair of knitting needles. Learn how to cast on, knit, cast off, and read a knitting pattern. You will complete your first project, a simple scarf, by the end of the class. See our website for supply information, scroll down and click on the blue Art Supply List Box.
4/18–5/9 5:30–8:00pm 4wks Th PAS 100 13065 $95 LE, H
4/20–5/11 9:00–11:30am 4wks Sat PAS 100 12995 $95 LE, D

Beyond Beginning

Continue in your knitting skills with more complex stitches such as the cable stitch and twisted style. We will learn to increase and decrease stitches. We will learn circular knitting (in the round) and make a simple beanie, or a fox beanie with ears. Please bring a size 8-16 inch circular needle and your favorite yarns and needles.


Level 1- Basics

You can learn to sew! With minimal to no sewing experience, the focus is on the basics: operating a sewing machine, selecting fabrics, laying out pattern pieces, reading basic pattern instructions and learning beginning construction techniques. Receive instructions and demonstrations on installing inter-facings, facings, zippers, hemming and more. Classroom sewing machines and tools will be available. Students will supply fabric and sewing notions. Suggested supplies and project samples are shared at the first class.
4/16–5/14 1:00–4:00pm 5wks T PAS 502 12936 $135 FOWLER
5/1–5/29 6:00–9:00pm 5wks W RBHS 804 12937 $135 FOWLER
5/1–5/29 1:00–4:00pm 5wks W PAS 502 12939 $135 FOWLER

Level 2- Beyond Basics

Take your sewing to the next level. In this class we will focus on building and sharpening your skills by using a commercial pattern to make a garment, accessory or craft of your choice (e.g. skirt, simple top, bag, stuffed animal). Learn what styles flatter different body types before selecting a pattern, how to interpret pattern layout and assembly instructions plus where to adjust pattern pieces to achieve a personal fit garment. Demonstrations will depend on the projects selected and may include waistband, zipper, sleeve and closure installations. Students will supply and bring a pattern, fabric and notions to the second class. 
4/18–5/16 6:00–9:00pm 5wks Th RBHS 804 12938 $135 FOWLER
4/15–5/13 1:00–4:00pm 5wks M PAS 502 13183 $135 FOWLER

Clothing Alterations and Repairs

Clothes alterations and repairs are an indispensable part of every Seamstresses’ tool kit. In this class, you will learn how to take up hems on casual and dressy clothes, taper seams and make various repairs. Your instructor will demonstrate the most common alterations. Bring in a hemming project or item to take in to practice what you learn. Consult with your instructor on other alterations that interest you time permitting. No bridal, formal or outerwear items.
5/30 6:00–9:00pm 1day Th RBHS 804 12940 $45 FOWLER

Introduction to Quilting

If you want to learn to quilt but are not ready to tackle cutting and sewing hundreds of pieces of fabric, then this introductory class is for you! In this class, your instructor will guide you step by step from selecting essential supplies and tools, using a rotary cutter, to constructing an easy mini patchwork quilt using the timesaving strip piecing method. Most supplies for the mini quilt will be provided. You may bring your own sewing machines if so desired.

Floral Design

Designing With Succulents

Do you love succulents and love getting your hands dirty? In this fun, hands-on class, we will engage in some “plant therapy” while designing beautiful, unique works of art. We will dig into designing with succulents and discuss aesthetics as we create arrangements with these remarkable plants. You will learn all about the different varieties of succulents, including how to care for, cut, reset, and propagate them. All supplies are provided. You will take home your creations and enjoy them for months or even years. 
4/18 6:00–8:00pm 1day Th PAS 501 13154 $49 HAAS
4/20 9:00–11:00am 1day Sat PAS 401 13155 $49 HAAS

Springtime Bottle Bouquet

Are you looking for the perfect gift or unique floral centerpiece? Join us to make a miniature flower bouquet that
attaches to any long-neck bottle, jar, or gift box and is sure to delight your family and friends. This mini bouquet uses fresh flowers and easily attaches to enhance the item of your choice. Please bring your own bottle, jar, or gift box. Flowers are included in the class fee. No floral experience is necessary. 
4/27 10:00am–12:00pm 1day Sat PAS 401 13104 $45 SETNAN

Interior Design

Interior Design 101- Trust Your Instinct

Demystify interior design. Have no fear of using color and making a comfortable home. We’ll take on a small project and learn professional tips for relying on your own creativity. Bring a floor plan you want to work on, or if you don’t have one, we’ll supply one. Get ready to enjoy a custom personalized place, unique to you. This is the perfect start if you are doing a home renovation, do not know where to begin, are simply interested in the field, or need a refresher!
4/16–5/14 6:00–8:00pm 5wks T PAS 100 13056 $99 KOENIG

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Design

Enhance your jewelry collection by incorporating vibrant semi-precious stones and more. Discover how to craft jewelry suited for a multitude of events, not only accentuating the beauty of the wearer but also intentionally sparking conversations. Draw inspiration from the ranches and coasts of Southern California, with materials like Mexican Jasper, turquoise, freshwater pearls, coconut beads, vintage pieces, abalone, and polished faceted crystals. These elements are chosen for their rich colors and textures, perfect for your next creations. All skill levels are welcome. All supplies are included in the class fee.

5/4–5/11 9:00–11:00am 2wks Sat PAS 401 13162 $99 KOENIG

Photography and Editing

Adobe Lightroom - Introduction
This photo editing software that allows you to organize, edit, and manage your photos quickly and efficiently. No experience is necessary. This class takes you from setup, importing, correcting and editing, all the way through the process of exporting images ready for sharing on social media and/or print. 
5/1–5/8 6:30–9:00pm 2wks W MCHS N8 13112 $49 SHEFFLER
Beyond the Basics
We’ll review presets, synchronizing edits, skin retouching, black and white treatments, and more, and then look at Adobe’s latest powerful tools for selecting and masking images for adjustment. Class includes an introduction to integrating our workflow into Photoshop to use new AI tools and truly transform your work! Pre-Requisite: Adobe Lightroom Introduction or experience using Lightroom.

5/21–5/28 6:30–9:00pm 2wks T MCHS N8 13113 $49 SHEFFLER

Sports Photography

Learn how to use both available and artificial light to capture both live sports and staged sports/action scenarios. We will cover basic editing workflow and some cool tips and tricks to make your images pop. We will practice various techniques for capturing motion and sports, discuss how and where to photograph sports and talk about lens choices, camera settings, focusing strategies, lighting, file management, and editing. Pre-Requisite: A working knowledge of DSLR camera and basic photography process. NOTE: Bring your camera and manual, and make sure your battery is charged.

4/30 5:30–8:30pm 1day T MCHS N8 13161 $49 SHEFFLER

Digital Photography

Beginning DSLR (DSLR or Mirrorless)

Go beyond “Auto” mode on your DSLR camera. Become comfortable in using the manual settings to get the exposures and the looks you want in your photography. See how the three exposure settings - Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed - work together, and how each of them affects the way your photo looks. Learn your camera’s focusing modes, exposure metering, white balance, and more. We’ll talk about different kinds of photography- sports, portraiture, and landscape; and how to choose the best settings for anything you want to shoot.
NOTE: Please bring your camera and its manual to this workshop. Please make sure your battery is charged.
4/18–4/25 6:30–8:30pm 2wks Th MCHS N8 13111 $49 SHEFFLER

Cell Phone Photography

Your phone is a sophisticated imagemaking device that is readily available. Learn how to take better cellphone photographs and ways to manipulate and create great images. Apply the latest editing and photo-sharing apps. NOTE: A working knowledge of basic cell phone usage, App Store accessibility and data connection necessary.

5/16 6:00–9:00pm 1day Th MCHS N8 13114 $49 SHEFFLER
5/22 6:00–9:00pm 1day W MCHS N8 13115 $49 SHEFFLER

Landscape Photography

We will discover the five elements of a great landscape photograph. We will look at examples and learn how to use these 5 elements to capture the depth and dimensionality we see in real life and create truly wall-worthy images. In week 1 we will learn how to shoot a great landscape and you’ll have a week to try it out. Bring photos to week 2 to learn how to edit and discuss print options. Pre-Requisite: A working knowledge of DSLR camera and basic photography