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Python Essentials: A Hands-on Learning Experience
Discover the fundamentals of Python in this beginner-friendly class designed to ignite your coding journey. Whether you’re an aspiring programmer or simply curious about the world of coding, this course will equip you with the essential skills to write your own programs and bring your ideas to life. Unlock the versatility of Python as
you learn the basics of syntax, data types, variables, and control flow structures. Through hands-on exercises and interactive examples, you’ll gain confidence in problem-solving and algorithmic thinking. Explore the power of functions and how they can simplify complex tasks and delve into the world of data manipulation and input/output operations.
[‘Let\’s’, ‘learn’, ‘Python’, ‘together’] print(‘‘.join(sentence) + ‘!’)

SQL Fundamentals: Exploring the World of Databases

Structured query language (SQL) is a programming language for storing and processing information in a relational
database. This class will provide a basic understanding of a SQL Database and an introduction to accessing and manipulating data using SQL queries. You will build a basic SQL database table, write queries and gain an understanding of how to provide reports and data outputs.