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Court Reporter Voice Writing General Information

Become a Court Reporter and enter a well-paying career. Court Reporters create word-for-word transcriptions at trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings. The Court Reporter program is 12 months long.  Additionally, you will complete a 20 hour Court Reporting Internship (10 hours in court and 10 hours in depositions) and produce a 40-page transcript. Upon successful completion of the requirements, students will be qualified to sit for the CVR, (Certified Verbatim Reporter), national certification exam. Registration is typically paid in full or in quarterly payments. 

New Cohort Starting Soon!

Cohort 3: June 18, 2024 - June 5, 2025
Registration Opens Monday, April 1  7:30am

Please complete our form to let us know here if you are interested in starting the next Court Reporter cohort. The voice writing program includes: 24 speed building classes, 3 test classes, and 10 Dragon/Eclipse CAT software training classes (through the online portal)

  1. Module 1: 8 classes and a test - Speed building from 120-150 and test out at 150 Lit, JC, and Q&A, 95 percent accuracy.
  2. Module 2: 8 classes and a test - Speed building from 150-180 and test out at 180 Lit, JC, and Q&A, 95 percent accuracy.
  3. Module 3: 8 classes and a test - Speed building from 180-225 and test out at 180 Lit, 200 JC, and 4-voice Q&A dictation, 13 minutes (only last 10 will be graded), 97.5% accuracy.
  4. Dragon/Eclipse Software Training: 9 classes and a test - students will learn the voice theory of Bettye Keyes, CCR, CSR, CVR-M, RVR, and training in Dragon setup, how to use voice codes, and basic Eclipse training.

Students will attend live Zoom sessions (Tu/Th from 6pm to 9pm) for academics/speed building of the program, and then break off to do their speed building and voice training through the learning portal.

Online portion is self-paced with log sheet for voice students to log the required time in classes/speed building. Students will be required to log in at least 10 hours of practice per week.

Program Tuition: $3700 (student will need to purchase additional software and equipment for the course estimated to cost between $900 and $1500).
Payment Plan Option
First payment of $1850 due at time of registration.
Second payment of $1,850 due on or before November 1, 2024.
Note: All Sales are Final


Recommended Pre-Requisites: Court Reporter Information Session (offered on campus or online)
Required Pre-Requisites: High school diploma or equivalence, Functional computer use, Clean background check (prior to work as a Court Reporter) For questions about the program, contact Jon Colon at (858) 668-4022.