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Bus Driver

Bus Driver Trainee

Bus Drivers continue to be in demand through 2028 with a projected 7% growth in California. A quick look at school district job boards (as well as bus-driving companies) will prove the labor market demand! This class provides the motivated participant with the best: an opportunity to learn a new career and a possibility to land a job! Most of the costs to become a driver revolve around State agency applications, licensing and testing which are paid over time. Poway Unified School District offers the training for a nominal fee. Details are discussed at Orientation. Follow the steps below to sign up and discover if a career as a bus driver is in your future! 


How To Apply

  1. Go to Poway Unified School District (Classified) Job Opportunities
  2. Scroll and click on Bus Driver Trainee
  3. See Print Job Information / Apply. Click on Apply
  4. Create Username and Password. Be sure to save this information!

For more information, call 858-748-0010 to speak to one of the instructors: Brad Kirby ext. 2059; Christine Tibbitts ext. 2037; Cathy Zaldivar ext. 2684