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Computer Applications

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Two options for learning computer applications

Live with an instructor

Live classes can be in-person, live on Zoom or a blend of both. Most have outside assignments (homework) suggested. All students in the class follow the instructors schedule of curriculum specified on a course syllabus. 

Self-paced for anytime, anywhere learning

Self-paced courses use a highly personalized online platform called Mindtap to combine all of your learning tools in one place. You study at your own pace to complete assignments. Our qualified instructors personalize the experience by customizing the learning tools and guide you through the course and provide one-on-one assistance. 

Contact Jon Colon for more details about Self-paced learning and let us know how we can support you!

Getting Started on Computers

This class is a perfect fit for beginners in the computerized world. We will cover the basics of navigating through your computer. You will learn to search the internet, the fundamentals of emailing and the essentials of Microsoft Word. 

Introduction to Basic Clerical Skills

This is a great course for starting your Pathway to a career in an office setting! As an introductory course, it's perfect for those new to the world of office occupations and aids in preparation of an entry-level office position. Concepts covered are: Windows, File management, Internet, keyboarding techniques, business math and effective workplace communication. The ideal next course after this is Excel Level 1 or MS Word Level 1. 

Getting Started on Google

Google is growing in popularity for cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools. In this course, you will learn: 

  • Google tools to work collaboratively and productively in a professional environment.

  • Google Search, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Google Meet

  • Emerging trends in Google Apps

Microsoft Office Suite 


MS Excel is the industry standard for spreadsheets. Most employers hiring for office positions note Excel proficiency as a requirement for their positions. Students planning for a business pathway career are encouraged to learn the skills necessary to build a solid foundation in spreadsheets using Excel. 
Microsoft Excel Level 1

Learn to navigate the Excel workbook environment to enter, edit and format data, use formulas, and create charts for analysis. No pre-requisite. 

Microsoft Excel Level 2

Create and edit tables, calculate using advanced functions, create and update PivotTables and PivotCharts and use "what-if" analysis tools. This class prepares students to take the Certiport MOS Specialist exam for Microsoft Excel.  Pre-Requisite:  Excel Level 1, or proficient knowledge and function of Excel Level 1 topics. 



Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the most popular and powerful emailing software used in businesses today. Learn to use Outlook to manage your email communications, schedule appointments and meetings; manage contact information; schedule tasks and create notes; customize message response options, and organize your mail.



Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the leading tool for creating professional and visually engaging presentations. In Level 1, you will learn to navigate the PowerPoint environment, create and modify presentations; edit and format slides; insert objects, transitions, multimedia and animations; and run slide presentations. Learn advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint to modify animations and transitions, utilize slide-masters, enhance charts, insert media and audio to customize slide presentations. Upon successful completion of the course students will be prepared to take the Certiport MOS Specialist Certification exam for Microsoft PowerPoint. 
Pre-Requisite: None.



Microsoft Word Level 1

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program that allows you to create and enhance a wide-range of documents. In Level 1, you will build a working foundation of the program including the most efficient way to produce business documents utilizing Word features. You will create, save, close, open, edit, format and print a variety of business documents while practicing the features of the software. Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to advance to Microsoft Word level 2.

Microsoft Word Level 2

Learn to manage large documents, modify format features, create and use templates, enhance reports with graphics, collaborate with others and customize the environment. You will continue working on a foundation of the program including features to create and modify tables, create and manage reference markers and insert and format footnotes, citation, bibliographies, graphics, photos, screen shots, graphic and artistic effects, and text boxes. Upon successful completion of this course and applied use of Microsoft Word, you will be prepared to take the Certiport MOS Specialist exam for Microsoft Word. 
Pre-Requisite: MS Word Level 1 or prior knowlege of Word.