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Real Estate Licensing Series

Poway Adult School offers a full menu of real estate courses throughout the year. Students can generally start with any of the courses and continue in the sequence. Each course is designed to help you prepare to earn a Real Estate license and practice real estate sales in California. NOTE: Real Estate Practice and Legal Aspects of Real Estate are offered in rotating terms. The three main courses combine to satisfy the state obligation and allow a completers to apply to take the Department of Real Estate license exam.
Instructional Format

Courses may be conducted on line live using Zoom. When instruction is offered on Zoom, it is a “live” lecture format in real-time. Students should plan to be on their devices 5 minutes before class starts. Students are encouraged to follow along the lecture with their textbooks.

As a time saver, a “highlighted" PDF version of the textbook will be posted on line before week 1. This approach will allow students to attend the first Zoom class prepared to focus on the priority content.

Registered students are given login and password information to access the class on Zoom. Computers with video and audio capabilities are preferred but other devices may be accommodated. To learn about Zoom and set up your device prior to the class start date, read this information.
Principles of Real Estate

A real estate license opens up a world of career possibilities that offer independence, a flexible work schedule, and unlimited earning potential.  A real estate license can also save you many thousands of dollars when you buy or sell your home. Taught by a veteran Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Principles reviews basic concepts, including forms of ownership, title and vesting, taxation, appraisal, default and foreclosure, property management, financing and real estate math concepts. This is typically the first class in the series. Class fees include textbook, quizzes, final exam, and course certificate.

Real Estate Practice

A real estate license does't come with an operating manual, so this course was created to talk about what it really takes to succeed in the business. Real Estate Practice discusses getting started, marketing, time management, listings, contracts, agency, disclosures, escrow, finance, completing transactions, and working with buyers and sellers. This is the second course required to obtain a California Real Estate License. Class fees include textbook, quizzes, final exam and course certificate.   

Legal Aspects of Real Estate

Real estate is filled with legal issues, forms, disclosures and contracts. This course covers all the essentials. The discussion includes the main laws governing real estate, property interests, title and vesting, dispute resolution, contract law, listing and purchase agreements, and other contracts commonly used in real estate transactions. This is the third course required to obtain a California Real Estate License. Class fees include textbook, quizzes, final exam and course certificate.

Exam Prep

With a California state exam pass rate of less than 50%, it’s a good idea to have extra focused exam preparation and review! Taught by a veteran real estate broker who has helped many students obtain their license, the Real Estate Exam “Cram” class covers all the important material needed to pass the state exam. Class fee includes practice tests with 750 sample questions, terms and definitions, “hot sheets” of recent exam questions, math review, and test-taking tips.

Real Estate Investing

Investing in Real Estate:
How to Make (and Avoid Losing) Money
This course focuses on the ways to make (and avoid losing) money when investing in real estate. Each class covers a different topic.
  • The important secrets for successful investing in real estate.
  • Various ways to increase the value of residential properties, with an emphasis on Accessory Dwelling Unit laws and zoning regulations.
  • Examining different ways to acquire real estate with little or no money down.
  • Studying numerous legal entities used to own real estate, emphasizing limiting liability.

The ADU Advantage: Enhancing Your Property’s Potential

Are you ready to transform your home and unlock its hidden potential? Join us for an immersive two-week beginner course on adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to expand living space or a savvy investor looking to maximize rental income, this course will guide you through the process of planning and constructing your own ADU. Over the span of two weeks, we will walk you through every step of the ADU journey. From understanding local zoning regulations and obtaining permits to designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing ADU, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the world of ADU construction. Explore various ADU types, including detached units, conversions, and basement suites, and learn about innovative space-saving techniques and sustainable design principles. Discover how to create floor plans that maximize space utilization and explore interior design options that create a welcoming and functional environment.