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Parking Permits for High School Campuses

Student Parking Information

Poway Adult School students please note that our Twin Peaks Center campus parking has been reduced.  We have designated 30 Student Parking spaces on the north side of the campus, off Midland Road next to the  the 400 Building.  You will need a Student Parking Pass to park there. You may also park in any other space on campus that is not marked for other use.  Additionally, there is overflow parking across Twin Peaks Road at the Living Way Church and to the east of the campus at St. Gabriel’s Church. Please note the special, red-marked areas on the photos attached for dedicated overflow parking.

Getting a Student Parking Permit

Student parking permits will be issued only to students enrolled in classes that run for 3 or more consecutive weeks.
  • Passes will be issued for new ESL students by ESL Advisors and by classroom teachers for returning students.
  • Adult High School and equivalency students will be issued parking permits by the School Counselor.
  • Community Education and CTE students will be issued parking permits by Front Office Staff.
Parking permits are required for students attending Adult Education classes during the day on any high school campus.  Instructors will distribute parking permits to registered students on the first day of class. 
For more information please call 858.668.4024.