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Personal Enrichment

Communication Techniques

Using Improv to Improve Social Presence

How do you feel when it’s your turn to talk in public? Do you dread walking into a room of strangers and starting up a conversation? Learning Improv techniques to build a presence and gain confidence as a way to embrace the fear of speaking a social or business setting. Through weekly mini-challenges, you will master how to relax in any setting and own the moment.
4/23–5/14 6:00–8:00pm 4wks T ABX 22 13173 $79 TOVEY


Woodworking Introduction

This hands-on course is designed to teach students the basics of woodworking and safety and serves as a strong foundation for further exploration in woodworking. Our goal is for you to leave feeling more comfortable operating machinery and working with common power tools. As projects, students will make a spice rack, a storage cabinet and a planter box. Through that process, learn how to safely use the miter saw, planer, table saw, drill press, and router; as well as how to use clamps, glue up, and apply finish to their pieces. No experience is necessary.
4/18 - 5/16  5:30–7:30pm  5wks Th MCHS N6 12992 $119 DEFEDE
4/20 - 5/18 9:00–11:00am 5wks Sat MCHS N6 12993 $119 DEFEDE
4/20 - 5/18 11:15am–1:15pm 5wks Sat MCHS N6 12994 $119 DEFEDE


Setting Boundaries:

The Power of Protecting Your Peace Part 1
It is important to set healthy personal boundaries. Start the new year by learning about healthy and unhealthy boundaries and how to set boundaries without feeling guilt or fear. Discover how setting boundaries will help you feel safe and comfortable in your relationships and how expectations in relationships help you stay mentally and emotionally well. More importantly, an essential part of feeling comfortable interacting with others is learning when to say no or yes. This is an interactive class with many exercises and checklists.
4/18-5/16  5 weeks Thurs 6:00-7:30pm  ABX 12 13156 $75 EVANS

Enough As You Are

This series is based on "Enough As You Are" (Author: Scott Stabile). This workshop helps you feel worthy, loved, and enough as you are. It consists of a lecture and is very interactive, affirmative, and empowering. This workshop builds on the potential within each of us to recognize our imperfect humanity and decide to accept and love ourselves.
4/24-5/22  5 weeks Thurs 6:00-8:00pm ABX 22 13173 $79 TOVEY


All About Orchid Care

Do you love orchids or have you received some as gifts and don’t know how to care for them or rebloom them? Join us as we discuss all about orchids; where to put them, how to grow them, pests, and diseases. Bring your questions but don’t bring your orchids.
Fri 5/3 9:30-11:30am  PAS 401 13175  $39 Kolleborn
Sat 5/4 9:30-11:30am  PAS 401 13070  $39 Kolleborn

Irrigation Systems: Maintenance and Repair

With either pending or current watering restrictions, make sure you're in compliance and that your irrigation system is tuned up and working properly. Low volume sprinkler heads and current water restrictions will be discussed. We will also discuss how to convert your system to drip irrigation. 
Sat 5/11 & 5/18 2 weeks  9:00-11:30am PAS 404 13074$55 Saville

Maintaining Healthy Fruit Trees

Soil, watering, bugs and weather can all have adverse effects on your trees. Learn the steps needed to keep our fruit trees healthy and bountiful. From feeding to pruning to nurturing we will take you through the process of maintaining long and healthy fruit tree production.
Sat 4/27  9:00-11:30am PAS 404 13073 $39 Saville


Guitar for Beginners

Start Today & Change Your Life
You’ve been telling yourself for years “I’m going to learn to play the guitar”, but you haven’t done it. Here is your chance! Come learn the basic fundamental skills needed to start playing the guitar. Our professional instructor teaches you beginning music theory, finger mechanics, strumming rhythm, melody, chords and the ability to excel in music. Bring your own guitar, guitar tuner or app on your phone and guitar picks.
4/16–5/21 5:30–7:00pm 6wks T ABX 21 13100 $89 HOOD
4/20–6/1 9:00–10:30am 6wks Sat PAS 610 13101 $89 HOOD

Guitar Beyond Beginning

There’s plenty of beginning and intermediate guitar instruction available, but there’s almost nothing that bridges the gap. If you already know how to tune a guitar, play several open position chords, know a couple of strumming or picking patterns, and can keep fairly good time; join us for this next-level class. Bring your own guitar, guitar tuner, or app on your phone and guitar picks.
4/16–5/21 7:15–8:30pm 6wks T ABX 21 13102 $89 HOOD

Poway Community Choir

We are back! If you love to sing, join the Poway Community Choir! There are no auditions but previous experience is welcomed. We are a group of people singing together, united by our love of music, creating a strong sense of community by joining together to more completely understand and perform great choral literature. The wide range of repertoire performed includes choral literature of the great composers from the sixteenth century to the present, as well as folk songs, spirituals, and music from the stage and screen. Check out our new website for more information. Join us and bring a friend!
4/16-5/28  7 sessions, Tues 6:45–8:45pm  Los Penasquitos MPR 13077 $109 YANG

Poway Symphony Orchestra 

We offer a unique experience including all instrumentation for the modern symphony orchestra. You will be introduced to a wide variety of standard symphonic literature, as well as be provided the opportunity to accompany accomplished soloists. You should have at least three years of current experience playing in an orchestra. Please contact the conductor at conductorjohn17@gmail. com for entrance into limited positions (woodwind, brass and percussion). For more information please visit our website at
4/15-5/20 6 Sessions MON 7:15–9:15pm  Tierra Bonita Elementary School: MPR  13099 $79 LoPICCOLO

Personal Appearance and Style

Radiant Beauty at Every Age

Makeup Tips for Women 50 and Beyond
Discover simple and easy-to-follow beauty makeup tips and tricks tailored for individuals aged 50 and above. These steps not only enhance your outer appearance but nurture your inner beauty. In this three-part mini-series, learn the art of properly preparing your skin and master the best techniques for enhancing your face, eyes, and lips. Achieve a more youthful appearance without looking like you are trying too hard. Please bring your skin care products, makeup, and makeup brushes to class.
4/17–5/1 6:30–8:30pm 3wks W PAS 100 13078 $65 RICHARDSON

Personal Finance & Planning for the Future

A,B,C,D’s of Medicare

Know Your Coverage
This class covers the essentials of the Medicare Health System, its structure, the restrictions that exist, cost and coverage details; as well as who can become a beneficiary. Other topics include supplemental plans, Part C and drug plans, how they are structured, timelines, limitations and gaps in coverage.
4/16 6:00–8:30pm 1day T ABX 5 13071 $39 POSPICHAL
5/18 9:30am–12:00pm 1day Sat PAS 502 13072 $39 POSPICHAL

Financial Planning for Women

Statistics tell us that 8 out of 10 women will end up handling their own finances. This may be due to longevity, divorce or many other reasons. This class will prepare you to handle your finances and give you a deep knowledge of financial markets, current events and practical resources. This class will give you peace of mind as well as tools and knowledge that will last a lifetime. This is an interactive class and questions are welcomed.
5/13 - 5/20 Monday 6:00–9:00pm 2wks Abraxas Room 19 13041 $65 GRANEY

Understanding Annuities

Annuities can be excellent vehicles for delivering financial security and providing income for the rest of your life. If you are planning for retirement, you’re most likely crafting your retirement income plan, safeguarding your emergency nest egg, planning for healthcare costs, designating funds for large purchases, and making sure you’ve prepared for everything you’ll need. We will go over different types of annuities and how they work, as well as the pros and cons you’ll want to consider.  You’ll get clarity on how annuities can enhance and complement the other pieces of your retirement puzzle.  
5/18 Saturday 9:30–11:30am Poway Adult School Room 404 13043 $39 CLAYCOMB

When Should I Start My Social Security?

Social Security retirement benefits are a key component to the retirement plans of many Americans. More than half of retirees count on it for the majority of their retirement income. We will discuss how Social Security fits into your overall retirement income plan, the different claiming strategies, and how to maximize your benefits. Learn about the basics, when and how to claim, COLAS, taxes, Medicare premiums, and more. This class will help you get clarity on your Social Security  benefits.
4/20 9:30–11:30am 1day Sat PAS 404 13042 $39 CLAYCOMB